Unsecured credit cards can advantage your business- here’s how

Posted on September 30, 2018

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It doesn’t matter since how long have you been operating your business or how much have you invested in it. You always need funding to thrive your business or to even keep it at the status quo.  Your business disturbs greatly if it runs out of the cash it needs. However, the growing financial advancements bring about an option of having unsecured credit cards.

Every business has a different story and different goals to pursue. Nonetheless, the prime objective of every business, other than the non-profit ones, is to earn profits. If a business is in infancy but needs growth and expansion, applying for a loan is a rather tough option. So such business owners have an option for applying for unsecured credit cards for small business expansion.

These credit cards advantage your business in ways stated below:





Unsecured Credit Cards Require No Security / Early Payment:


While there are some legal considerations associated with having an unsecured credit card, most business people enjoy having them because there are no security deposits required to have them. Besides, the people opting for such credit cards don’t have to pay out money in the beginning—money that could be in the bank earning interest. These cards also offer some good reward programs for the cardholders.



Immediate Cash-Flows:


Cash flows are essential for the smooth operation of a business. In case a business is running short of cash at hand but is in a dire need of some, the operations can be continued smoothly with the aid of credit cards for business purposes. These cards reduce your short-term credit and you have some replacement of cash at hand.



Keeping Personal and Business Finances Separate:


 It is deemed to be one of the most essential financial rules, to keep personal and business finances separately. While it’s difficult to manage the immense hard cash for both purposes separately, things get rather convenient if you opt for unsecured personal as well as business credit cards. Online Record keeping is a good option these days. You can see the Taxes and income statements with one click. So it becomes advantageous for your business to have separate management of financing and records.




Pretty Flexible Payments:


Not only do the unsecured business loans allow you attain capital quickly and conveniently, they also allow you a little flexibility as to how and when you make payments. There are no more fixed month-to-month statements; they provide you with three options every time you want to pay: you can send in the full amount due, pay the minimum requirement you want, or go over the minimum to an amount that is within your budget, just the way you feel like.



High Credit Limits:


Another plus point that advantages your business is the fascinating high credit limit associated with these unsecured credit cards. If you’re looking for expanding your business or purchase a new equipment but are short of funds, unsecured cards will benefit you in that they have the high purchase limit. Apart, you have to pay the interest only on the portion of the limit you use and not on entire limit allotted to you.



Continuous Access to Capital:


Unsecured business credit lines such as credit cards have in them this impressive feature of revolving terms. These terms and conditions state that you can access the credit limit anytime for the life of your business.



This is particularly essential for small businesses because they are constantly in need of working capital to operate. In such conditions, unsecured business lines and unsecured credit card for business operations is the perfect solution.



Increased Credit Rating:


Another big plus of having business credit cards, both secured or unsecured is the push up to credit value. If you don’t misuse your credit card and make the payments on time, it guarantees to increase your business’s credit rating. However, you need to make sure that you are in good contact with the suppliers because they are the ones who report your transactions to the credit bureaus.




Using Credit Cards for Small Business:


Credit cards are pretty much practical replacement of cash at hand. There are some financial institutions that offer credit cards for small businesses. These credit cards help the business owners who are short of cash at the early stage of business. It is a well-established fact that the businesses need comparatively larger cash at its beginning because it is in a growing phase. So to promise a good expansion to the business, unsecured credit cards for small scale businesses are of great help.





Before applying for an unsecured loan or credit card, make sure to explain yourself about what you are getting into.  There are numerous benefits of having the unsecured credit cards. But, one might be attracted by the flexible payment plans that these cards offer and use them to their disadvantage. The compound interest on your account multiplies if you hold on to your debt or fail to pay your due balances timely. This is particularly true if you carry a huge balance. Regardless of the type of financing you choose for your business, put your efforts and devise your strategies to manage your debts responsibly and cautiously. Balancing your payments effectively is the key to healthy credit.

The article thus concludes that the unsecured credit cards are advantageous for a business, especially if it is a new one. However, there are always two sides to a picture. Having unsecured credit card can have some cons too. Lenders perceive it risky dealing with you when your business fails to offer any collateral. Consequently, they will be posing unnecessary restrictions and strictness during their underwriting process. If you qualify for an unsecured business line of credit you will possibly get higher interest rates, lower credit limits, and shorter repayment terms due to the risk that the lender faces. Thanks to the unsecured nature of this product.





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