Trump is apparently putting Republicans on the back burner

Posted on September 22, 2017

This past week has been certainly a ‘turbulent’ one, as hurricanes, earthquakes, and cybersecurity scandals have ‘landed’ on the public’s agenda.


Now, in the political arena, certain turmoil is taking place, too, as the Republican party is feeling the effects of appointing an entrepreneur as President of the United States. Let’s face it; Trump is a ‘deal guy.’ He is used to getting things done, and he’s not going to let a group of consensus-minded Senators tell him what or when to do things.


This was remarkably demonstrated by the recent deal he made with the Democrats over the debt-ceiling issue, signed on an oddly out-of-the-blue fashion that surprised members of the GOP, and gave birth to further worries about Trump’s collaboration with the party’s milestones and goals for next projects, such as tax reform.


President Trump tweeted on September, 8: “Republicans must start the Tax Reform/Tax Cut legislation ASAP. Don’t wait until the end of September. Needed now more than ever. Hurry!”


Nevertheless, the Republicans are probably asking, does he really need us for that?


It seems that Trump will not hesitate to promote his own agenda if the party gets too ‘political’ about it and that is a scary scenario for a Republican majority that is lacking from at least one substantial victory this year.


The proposed tax reform includes three essential items that must be discussed. The first one being a reduction in taxes, mostly corporate ones, which is a huge difference in terms of revenues and Trump has yet to convince the American people on why is it better to make the rich, richer.


On the other hand, the second element includes the elimination of tax breaks, also known as ‘tax loopholes,’ which are constantly reducing company’s tax bills through industry-specific provisions, creating opportunities for evasion.


Finally, a set of potential changes such as putting an end to deductible interest payments and one-year investment write-offs are also on the table and will be discussed as part of the reform.


These have been promoted and enforced by Trump’s administration, but now the GOP might be facing the fact that he wants to do it ‘his way’. Let’s be honest about it; it hasn’t been the most candid relationship. But imagining the idea of a tax reform without him is the very meaning of the phrase ‘long-shot’.


The party might be realizing that they need him more than he needs them and that’s terrifying. A former House GOP aide said a few words that describe the situation more clearly “The way this seems to work is, when he’s with you, he’s with you, and when he’s against you, he’s against you”, then he added “He’s just reminding Congress he’ll work with any suitor that fits his needs of the day.”


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