These 5 Financial Apps will Help you Stay On-Schedule with your Credit Card and Loan Payments

Posted on January 16, 2018

There are so many apps and tools for everything we do nowadays that it is amazingly easy to get your financial life under control. Sometimes, not having your budget balanced may cause a lot of

stress in your everyday activities. Tracking your financial status is the best way to reduce money issues and maintain long-term financial health.


Using your personal devices, such as a smartphone, makes it really fast and easy to keep your payments on schedule. Managing your money has never been so simple; as you can have all the

numbers at your immediate disposal through these 5 financial apps that will help you stay on–schedule with your credit card and loan payments. Here’s a quick review of each

of them!






This is a simple and free mobile app with more than 5 million downloads on Android and iOS combined, and you can also log in online on their website. It’s a completely free money manager and

a great financial tracker, only message and data rates apply. You can see everything together including your bank accounts, investments, credit cards, and loans.


You can say goodbye to late fees by staying on-schedule with your credit card and loan payments using Mint app. You’ll get bill reminders and credit monitoring alerts, so you pay your bills on

time. Also, you can get your credit score for free with no credit card required, which means you don’t need to pay a membership elsewhere to have access to it. This app calculates scores using the

Equifax credit model which, is one of the three major credit bureaus in the U.S.


Additionally, you don’t have to worry about keeping your information secure. They are very thorough in this regard and use methods such as multifactor authentication to get your account

protected, along with a 4–digit pin code you can set to safeguard your account. All your data is encrypted with a 128–bit SSL. 





The idea of managing your personal finances is highly important and personal to Wally, A free app that helps you track your expenses, income, savings, and credits so you can stay on schedule

with your credit card and loan payments.


This is one of the most downloaded apps in the finance category, installed by more than 1 million people and it is available on both Android and iOS platforms. There is also Wally+ for Android,

which is a premium version. Even though this app is best for getting to know where your money comes and goes and cutting down on excess expending, it has other interesting features. 


A great feature of this app is that you can take pictures of your receipts and store them to assign recurrent income and expenses with almost all currencies available. Besides, it saves the name and

info of the places where you frequently shop so you can register them faster in the future. 





If you are planning to follow a budget and you don’t know how to organize it, this app may be for you. The app uses an envelope budgeting system, which means your funds are organized into

different categories each month in order to divide your expenses to keep track of them more accurately. Those categories can include your credit card and loan payments, so you don’t get delayed

on them. Also, you can set up recurring payments for those expenses that regularly appear in your budget so you stay on-schedule with your payments.


Goodbudget is available on their website, iOS, and Android and its free version allows ten regular budget categories and ten extra envelopes, one account, two devices, and one year of history. The

Goodbudget plus version is unlimited with five years of history available and email support. It costs just $6 per month or $50 per year.


This app will definitely help you shape your character, relationships, and habits in financial terms. This proves very interesting as it helps create a budget that keeps you spending only on what is

important and keeping you from spending too much on the unnecessary.



Credit Karma


It’s a completely free app created in 2007 and available online for Android and iOS. It is perfect for managing your credit scores based on TransUnion’s credit report information. Remember that if

you are planning to apply for a loan or a new credit card, your credit score will be a determining factor to get you approved. 


Credit Karma uses Vantage score data as an alternative to FICO’s scoring model. You can sign up only for monitoring your financial status. It will also give you a list of credit or loan

recommendations which can be filtered into various categories such as balance transfers, low interest, rewards, business, personal, home, and others.


Also, over 1 million people have just taken advantage of its new feature: Credit Karma’s free federal and state income tax service that fills almost any tax return for free. Also, the app uses 128–bit

encryption to protect the transmission of your data on the Credit Karma site so you can feel secure in sharing your personal financial info with them!





With almost 1 million downloads on Android and iOS, Prism can be defined as an easy personal finance app for managing and staying on schedule with your payments for free. You can increase

your savings and credit scores, get out of debt, and avoid late fees and overdraft charges on loans by using this app to keep your financial life properly organized!


It’s really easy to set it up. You only need to add your bills including any loans, add your bank account, and finally, add your payday or schedule to track your income and expenses. All

communication is encrypted, so don’t worry about sensitive data.


Prism works with thousands of vendors and banks to serve anyone who needs to take charge of their financial life. You can pay real-time bills directly from the app in just a few minutes using your

debit card, credit card, or bank account, and you can also monitor your accounts balances and get a schedule and payday notifications so you will never forget a payment again.



Finally, we also recommend that have your bank’s app downloaded on your phone if you want to stay on top of your debt.


There are a large number of apps aiming to make your financial life easier. Saving money, tracking your expenses, and staying on schedule with your payments won’t be a dilemma anymore if you

get used to incorporating any of these apps into your daily routines.

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