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Tesla Continues to Give Newspapers Something to Talk About Thanks to Failed Promises

May 30th, 2018 12:54 pm | By admin | Posted In Business News

Tesla continues to stay in the news as an accident involving their vehicles autopilot in Utah caught a lot of attention. Autopilot is an advanced system that assists drivers with the purpose of improving the vehicles safety levels and is getting closer to full autonomy. The problem for TESLA is that this accident is not the first one to happen, other Autopilot crashes that resulted in deaths have started generating doubts about how safe and convenient this feature really is.


In its website Tesla says: “…An independent review completed by the U.S. Government over a year ago found that Autopilot reduces crash rates by 40%. Since then, Autopilot has improved further. That does not mean that it perfectly prevents all accidents — such a standard would be impossible — it simply makes them less likely to occur.”


Tesla is a manufacturer of electric automobiles with 15 years of operation. It is based in Silicon Valley and has several car models in the market including the Roadster, Roadster Sport, Model X, Model S and, their last one which launched in 2017, the Model 3. The company has also  announced the Model Y and will continue to announce future models.


Every Tesla customer buys in advance and the car is manufactured according to the consumer’s preferences. The company has not been able to reach the number of units per week of new Model 3 cars that Tesla initially announced would be available—and therefore many customers are still in line waiting for their Model 3.


Tesla and its controversial CEO, Elon Musk, creates outcries in either love or hate. Many people like its innovative cars and big plans to make the earth a less contaminated world through the use of non-traditional energy sources. But, in contrast, other people have published a lot of bad opinions about the company and its products.


The battle between several journalists and Elon Musk has been so strong during the past months that he even announced the creation of a website named Pravda—“truth” in Russian—to evaluate journalist’s credibility based on public opinion. He insists that some people have disseminated fake news about Tesla and have therefore damaged the brand’s image.


Elon Musk is certainly an interesting businessman. Before Tesla, he was already a multimillionaire and successful entrepreneur. He founded Paypal and Space X two years ago, along with Solar City, but he has also been involved in other innovative projects. His endeavors are not common at all. He launches rockets, generates solar energy and manufactures electric-sourced cars, among other ventures.


In the meantime, many people oppose his opinions, ideas, and attempts. Various journalists say that Tesla is soon to fall into bankruptcy due to its high costs and no profit. Its Model 3 is marketed at the price of US $35,000 because the CEO guarantees that the company will enter into the mass market. But some analysts ensure that this price does not provide profitable returns. If the model is more expensive, the brand will be continued to be viewed as a luxurious one. The truth is that the US $35,000 is the base price since the amount can easily go up to US $85,000 with optional features.


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