Keep These Three Things In Mind When Looking For The Best Unsecured Credit Cards

Posted on September 10, 2018


People and businesses use credit cards for a variety of reasons. In fact, the average consumer has between two and five cards in their wallet at any given moment. Most businesses have even more. The reasons are simple: Credit card funding has numerous advantages, especially if you use your credit cards responsible.Those advantages typically include:


1. The ability to spend your money the way you see fit


2. Revolving accounts that help build your credit


3. Improvements to your credit score


4. The benefit of various cardholder rewards programs



If you opt for the best unsecured credit cards, you get to use your credit cards without coming up with collateral.


Unsecured Credit Cards also Allows Cardholders to:


1. Seek a credit line increase every few months


2. Enjoy flexible repayment options


3. Hold cards that are accepted almost anywhere


4. Pay for important expenses, whether personal or business related



For instance, did you know that the best business credit cards offer surprisingly low interest rates, reduced balance transfer fees, and numerous rewards programs that are designed for specifically for active companies? Whether your business is small or large, using fast unsecured business loans via credit card funding is a great way to obtain the money you need without paying outrageous fees. The same goes for consumers looking for the unsecured personal cards.



Tips for Finding the Best Unsecured Credit Cards:


Unsecured credit cards are unlike secured cards because they can be approved using only your stated income and a few other pieces of personal information such as your name, address, and phone number or email address. Despite the ease with which you can get an unsecured credit card, it’s important to know how to recognize a good deal from a bad one.


Unless you have no credit history or are attempting to rebuild poor credit, you should qualify for a rewards card. However, some unsecured credit card providers offer money-saving rewards even for less than perfect cardholder. By evaluating your options to optimize the rewards you receive (if any), consider the following card selection tips:


1. Know Your Preferences and Qualifications Before Looking for The Best  Unsecured Credit Cards:


Each card offered will have varying rewards levels, repayment options, and credit score requirements. With a higher credit score and a positive payment history, you are bound to qualify for greater rewards. So, before you begin evaluating your credit card choices, be sure to have your credit profile analyzed by a professional or, better yet, enroll in a personal funding program. By checking your credit rating, you’ll be able to apply with lenders who are most likely to give you the money you need.


Knowing what your credit looks like to lenders has another advantage: it can help reduce the number of hard inquiries on your report. Hard inquiries can lower your score significantly, but it can be avoided if you only apply with creditors whose qualifications you meet. While it’s often difficult to check your credit report against the ideal market for the card issuer, a knowledgeable team of professionals can steer you in the right direction.


Millions of American citizens are currently using outdated credit cards that don’t maximize the benefits and rewards they could receive. Enrolling in a personal funding program that analyzes your credit and is led by experts who are familiar with the most accepting lenders increases your chances of reaping the most benefits from your unsecured credit cards without doing damage to your credit profile. Once that step is completed, simply match your qualifications with the available options.



2. Identify Your Spending Habits Before Looking For The Best Unsecured Credit Cards:


Pay close attention to the rewards offered because some of them may be virtually useless depending on your spending habits.  Pick an unsecured credit card that gives incentives for the things you’re most likely to buy. Remember, there are travel cards, cash-back rewards cards, and several others to consider. The best way to discover a good deal is to know exactly what you want the credit cards for. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” credit card.


Furthermore, each unsecured credit card will require different interest rates and regulations regarding the accumulation of rewards. For example, cards that offer greater rewards often require a higher APR as a result. Alternatively, lower interest rates are typically conducive with unsecured credit cards that offer fewer rewards. While most cards have a minimum redemption rule, no two credit cards are the same. Although reading the fine print is boring, it’s certainly necessary.


After considering your unique spending habits or the needs of your business, look for a rewards program that best suits you. It may be that a targeting rewards program works better because it fits your needs and is much easier to redeem. Ask yourself, “What do I get out of this credit card, and how do I use it?” Just remember that regularly carrying a balance will often negate any of the rewards you accumulate. So naturally, pay your bill in full each month to maximize your credit card’s potential.


TIP:- If you carry a balance on your card(s), focus on getting a card with the lowest annual percentage rate (APR). Also, take advantage of any introductory APR offers and/or balance transfer discounts.



3. Never Forget About Payback Terms On Your Unsecured Credit Cards:


Always keep you mind on the payback terms of the credit card funding options you choose. Consider whether the payback period matches your spending habits. Especially if you plan to re-evaluate your card choice every few years, the payback terms become even more important.


Trying to decide whether a 2% cash-back rewards program is better than a 1.5% one? The answer depends heavily on the bonus packages and introductory offers given by the card issuer. For instance, if you’re likely to spend enough to take advantage of certain bonuses, realize that it could require tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of spending on an unsecured credit card with a higher cash-back program and no bonus to break even. More importantly, how long will it take you to pay back all that money?


Your ideal credit card funding options are out there, but they probably won’t come looking for you anytime soon. Explore your options with peace of mind, armed with knowledge about your needs and qualifications. For more help, simply enroll in a business/personal funding program and let the best unsecured credit cards make your financial life easier.



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