Is the new iPhone X actually the ‘future of the smartphone’?

Posted on September 25, 2017

Last Tuesday, Apple released its latest ‘crown jewel’, the iPhone X, named after the number 10, since it is the smartphone 10th anniversary. It amazed many tech-savvies attending the event, and was defined by Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, as no less than “the future of the smartphone”.


But, is that really the case?


The latest news about the smartphone release unveiled a supply chain impasse, since apparently, customers will not get their hands on the ‘X’ until November, as production is apparently delayed. Nevertheless, that is not an actual problem, as Apple followers are not traditional buyers and they will probably wait as long as it takes to get it.


But leaving that on the side, what does this new model has to offer in terms of technological improvements that significantly change the way people interact and use their device or even their lifestyle?


To be honest, there’s hardly an “unprecedented” feature here. Indeed, the phone incorporates a considerable number of improvements such as the OLED screen, a slick design, wireless charging and Face ID (which is far from being a new thing). But is that actually enough to boldly state that this is “the future of the smartphone”?


Jane Foley, a Senior Strategist at Rabobank, commented in an interview to the BBC that “what the market was expecting was a big leap into augmented reality, but what we got were baby steps into augmented reality.”


The ‘X’, valued over $1,000, is the highest priced phone ever released by the company. That is also a challenge, as the iPhone 8 was also presented to the public and even though it is probably the ‘younger brother’ of this new generation, it will surely compete with this improved version in terms of price.


Ian Fogg, a tech expert from IHS Markit, a renowned consulting firm, commented on this matter saying that “Apple is hoping the later availability date for iPhone X will not affect iPhone 8 sales this quarter.” Consumers might hold their pockets until the ‘X’ is fully available and abandon the iPhone 8 as an alternative.


Truth be told, smartphones are entering a whole new ground where significant innovation leaps are being expected, as the technology has been around for a while and minor improvements no longer cut it. In this regard, Apple challenge will be to prove if Steve Job’s legacy for the ‘unexpected’ will continue in this new incoming era.
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