Google gets sued by former employees on another case related to the ‘Two Ds’

Posted on January 10, 2018

The ‘Two Ds’? Is that a thing right now?



It has been for a while, but after several sexual harassment scandals have surfaced, tainting the name of many well-known players of the Hollywood ‘arena’, Mrs. Diversity and Mrs.


Discrimination have been gaining traction as the topics everybody is talking about.



Now it seems that Google has been dragged into this public debate again, as James Damore is coming back to fight the company in court. Damore, a former employee for the firm who was fired


last year over a memo he wrote expressing his opinion on the reasons why women struggle to position themselves in leadership roles within the tech industry, went as far as to say that“The


distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes”, and that these “causes” could be the reason for this phenomenon to take place.



His comments were quickly picked up by some of his coworkers through the company’s internal forums of discussion and then the whole document was leaked on social media and went viral.



The pressure is now ‘on’ for Google’s CEO SundarPichai who, even though criticized and did not agree with Damore’s positions and opinions at the time, did leave the door open for such strong


opinions to take place within the company by saying that “many points raised in the memo — such as the portions criticizing Google’s training, questioning the role of ideology in the workplace,


and debating whether programs for women and underserved groups are sufficiently open to all — are important topics.”



The topic was definitely a difficult one to handle back then,and you can almost feel Pichai’s tip-toeing efforts in his formal statement regarding the memo to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings but also


to keep free-speech alive.



This keep-everyone-happy attitude from Pichai may now backfire in court, as Damore was actually expressing his own beliefs on a topic that, regardless of how controversial, still falls into the


category of things people can freely talk about.



Meanwhile, in a separate lawsuit, three other women who used to work at Google are also claiming a gender gap on wages allegedly taking place within the company.



A spokesperson for Google has recently commented on the matter, saying that they “look forward to defending against Mr.Damore’s lawsuit in court.”



What a way to start the year for the legal team at Google!



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