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  • 0% Intro APR for 12 Months!

  • Average APR 9.1%

  • Up to $50K per Lender

  • 27 Lenders Available

  • NO Tax Returns! NO Upfront Fees!

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Frequently asked questions

What will be my Interest Rate?

Interest Rates will typically be in the 7% to 24% Range, averaging out around 12%.

Can you get me any kind of Financing other than Credit Cards?

Fast Unsecured gets you unsecured credit cards quickly and efficiently. Our Corporate Cash Credit solution will help you get funded at local banks in your area for Business loans, lines of credit and credit union loans.

What is the Maximum Credit Limit I can obtain?

$50,000 is the Maximum Credit Limit we have ever seen on a NEW Credit Card Approval, either Personal or Business. You can, however, increase your Limit to as high as $100,000 by asking for Credit Limit Increases every 3 Months as you use your Credit Card Account responsibly.

Do You Submit all the Credit Applications for Me?

Yes, we submit all Credit Applications for you – You just need to follow up with each Lender and provide anything they ask for, such as Proof of Address, Photo ID, etc. Proof of Income is typically NOT needed.

Will I Need to Provide a Copy of My Social Security Card?

Probably not, but some Lenders may ask for it, specially if your Credit History is short or if you have any Fraud Alerts on your Credit.

How do I pay your Success Fees?

You pay our Success Fees using the actual Credit Cards you receive in the mail, and the transaction will be a Purchase Transaction and will go on the Purchase APR.

Will Business Credit Cards Show on my Personal Credit?

No, they typically won’t. This means you can use your Business Credit to the maximum without lowering your Personal Credit Scores.

How soon will Approved Personal Credit Cards show up on my Credit?

New Personal Credit Cards typically take 3 to 7 Days to show up on your Credit after you get Approved, but sometimes can take up to 60 Days with some of the smaller Lenders.

How will you know which Credit Cards I got Approved for?

We will know because you will need to provide us with an Approval or Denial Letter within 30 Days for every Credit Application we submit for you. Lenders are required to send you their decision in writing in the mail, and you will email or fax us these Letters as you receive them.

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